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Pediatric Dentist Rochester

Our Team

Dr. Aslani-Breit’s decision to become a pediatric dentist resulted from her passion for working with children, and especially those with special needs.  She has carefully selected her team to support her vision.The clinical team consists only of New York State Licensed Dental Hygienists and New York State Licensed Certified Dental Assistants. We strive towards excellence in providing dental care in a fun and comfortable environment for the families.Our hygienists are the heart of our preventive program educating families in our office and in the community in the importance of optimal oral health care.
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Our assistants, in addition to their expertise in pediatric dentistry, have extensive training in orthodontic and conscious sedation procedures and operating room protocol.
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All our team members have had extensive training and are certified in Basic Life Support, Infection Control and Barrier Precaution, and HIPPA and OSHA regulations.

We believe that education is a lifelong process.  We attend multiple continuing education seminars throughout the year, which helps us stay current with new science, technologies, procedures, and evolving guidelines in the practice of pediatric dentistry.

We are fully aware of the fears and anxieties associated with dentistry and strive towards alleviating them through empathy, patience, and our own unique way of providing pediatric dental care.